Món chay tối



* - Mild ** - Medium Spicy *** - Spicy


Thai Broccoli
Stir-fried with soy sauce and garlic.
Papaya Salad
With tomatoes, string beans, and ground peanuts, tossed in a tangy sauce.
Vegetables in Batter
Served with peanut sauce.
Crispy Fried Tofu
Fried bean curd served with sweet hot sauce (*).
Crunchy Salad
Mixed green salad with house ginger dressing, topped with crispy rice.
Vegetable Rolls


Chef’s Suggestions


Vegetables, Vegetables
Fresh garden vegetables sautéed either in oyster sauce and garlic or in spicy curry (*) sauce and coconut milk.
Chef’s Tofu
Pan-fried, topped with bean sprouts, scallions and snow peas.
Jungle Curry **
Mixed vegetables and tofu, in curry sauce without coconut milk.
Noodle Tofu
Pan-fried noodles with vegetables and tofu.
Vegetable Fried Rice
A variety of garden vegetables, stir-fried with rice.
Curry Fried Rice
Fragrant curry rice, stir-fried with mixed vegetables.
Vegetables or Tofu Pad Thai