Món Khai Vị



* - Mild ** - Medium Spicy *** - Spicy


Beef, Pork or Chicken Satay *
Barbecued on skewers and served with peanut sauce and cucumber salad.
Paradise Beef
Thinly sliced beef marinated in coriander seed, baked and deep-fried.
Golden Crowns
Crispy rice cups, filled with chicken and shrimp, served with cucumber salad.
Roti with Curried Chicken *
Thai Pancake and a bowl of chicken in curry sauce.
Yum Seafood with Lemon Grass *
Shrimps, scallops and squids tossed in spicy lime sauce.
Steamed Curried Fish *
Marinated fish fillet with curry paste and coconut milk, steamed on a bed of spinach and basil leaves.
Yum Roast Pork **
With tomatoes onions, cucumber, red pepper, and cilantro tossed in Thai chili and lime sauce.
Jumbo Shrimps In Garlic Sauce
Sautéed of tender shrimps with herbs and garlic.
Barbecued Boneless Spareribs
Tender and juicy, barbecued with honey and spices.
Pan-fried pork ravioli, served with home made sour soy sauce.
Fresh Rolls
Carrots, iceberg lettuce, basil leaves, vermicelli, and shrimps wrapped with fresh rice paper (vegetarian style available).
Curried Puff
Stuffed with chicken and sweet potato, served with cucumber salad.
Seafood Shumai
Pan-fried or steamed, served with tamarind sauce.
Crab Rangoon
Fried wonton skin with crab meat and cream cheese.
Mixed Grill
Shrimps, scallops and squids on skewers, served with tamarind-mustard sauce.
Chicken O-Cha
Fried marinated chicken wing, served with tangy salad and two dipping sauces.
Pork Grilled
Marinated in Thai herbs. Cooked on skewers and served with sweet and sour chili sauce.
Tod Mun *
Minced shrimp and chicken mixed with Thai spices, served with cucumber sauce & crushed peanuts.
House Salad
A mélange of vegetables with shredded roast chicken topped with smooth peanut dressing.
Thai Rolls
Specially made Thai style egg roll, filled with ham, pork, and shredded cabbage.